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Bushfire Relief for Tax Payers

The devastation and trauma caused by the current bush fires in Australia cannot be overstated. As the whole of Australia reaches out to those immediately impacted by the fires, so too has the ATO by granting relief to New South Wales and Queensland taxpayers.

Acting Deputy Commissioner Andrew Watson has said the people affected by these fires should prioritise getting their affairs in order rather than worrying about their tax. Therefore the ATO has granted relief at this time by:

  • Automatic lodgement and payment deferrals to postcodes impacted by the fires. The quarterly Business Activity Statement (BAS) has received an extension on the due date.

  • Monthly BAS lodgers also have an extra two months to lodge and pay, with the ATO automatically extending the due date.

  • Individuals in impacted areas who have lodged their 2018–19 income tax returns and have received a bill have received an extension on the due date.

  • Fast-tracked and prioritised tax refunds.

Our thoughts are with the families who have been impacted by these fires. If we can assist you in clarifying this information or help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us here at the office.

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