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Are you using the correct award rates?

Happy new financial year! We hope last years was financially prosperous and here’s to another exciting year ahead.

However, as it is the new financial year, it’s time to ensure that you’re paying up to the correct award rates.

Here is a quick how-to-guide that we’ve put together to make sure you are up to date with the current rates!

To find your minimum pay rates:

1. Head over to the Fair Work Pay Calculator 2. Enter in your award or utilise the built-in tool to help you find your award. 3. Follow through the steps for each employee or employee type till you get to the end and compare that to your staff’s pay rate in your HR files and payroll software. 4. If there is a change, make sure you enter in the new award pay rates for your staff in their HR files and update your payroll software. 5. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about this process, your award, or anything else.

For our clients in the Hospitality, Restaurant, Fast Food, Retail and Pharmacy industries, make sure you look through the updated penalty rate changes. We’re looking forward to working with you into the future and to ensure you achieve all your business goals, and a beautiful future!

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