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Business Structuring and Re-structuring by Select Accounting

There are many reasons why you must consider your business structure or restructure as a business owner. No matter if you are starting out in business or reviewing your business structure, it is always comforting to know with absolute certainty, that you have the right business structure in place to be successful in business. Even if you have been trading for some years without really considering your business structure, a review of your structuring may lead to a total re-structure to minimise risk or protect wealth. No matter what your circumstances are, the team at Select Accounting are here to help!

Consider this. When establishing your business entities. The team at Select Accounting can advise which structure to use in various situations and create the structure with a minimum of fuss. The establishment of a business structure is the critical time to get it absolutely right. Any changes after establishment can become messy and very costly. At Select Accounting we can set you up with in-built flexibility which gives maximum advantage to any structuring exercise.

Having the right structure can protect your assets, having the wrong structure will expose you to risk and litigation. Often, the best asset protection is to have no assets. At Select Accounting, we can structure your affairs to achieve this while still allowing access to finance and control over your investments. The asset protection also happens when you don't expose assets to risk. By combining your in-house procedures, along with appropriate insurance, your business assets should be secure and safe – the business structuring work we do at Select Accounting is often the first and last line of defence for your business and asset pretection .. How we can help.

How we can help. 

· Finding the right structure to minimise tax
· Set up and establishment of the right entity
· Register business names
· Apply for TFNs
· ABN and GST registration
· Future tax planning
· Asset Protection
· Wealth Creation Structures

If you are thinking about or unsure if you should change your business structure, contact us and the team at Select Accounting can help you put all the right things in place